Top 10 things to know before purchasing a non-stick cookware Myths and Facts

No wonder how cool non-sticky pans and cookware is in the kitchen items, well this is the last most amazing findings in the field of research for home and kitchen appliances.

On average, almost every second home in India is using non-stick cookware or else have had a dish made in a non-stick pan.


The reason why it became so popular is the reduction of oil usage as Indians are fond of using various types of oils in their food.

It can be a dish from South India like Chennai’s famous Dosa or Central India like Indore’s famous Poha or North India like Delhi’s Parantha or something spicy made in West India like states of Kota, Jaipur, etc.


India is known for it’s a wide variety of cuisine and hence non-stick cookware have successfully made their name in fulfilling the wish of these people.

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Is Non-Sticky Cookware safe or not?

This question has been asked by a man consumers who want to purchase the non-stick cookware for their kitchen items.


The reason why this question is been asked so frequently is because of the rumours, that using non-stick cookware is unhealthy and the basis of this rumours is that PTFE/Teflon is not safe.

It was really important to highlight this fact that using PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene)/Teflon is totally “safe” also, any cookware which is labelled as non-sticky surely contain these elements.


I would like you to not get confused with the non-sticky cookware labelled as diamond, stone, titanium blah! blah! Because that cookware is not a real non-sticky item and all non-stick the cookware’s consist of PTFE/Teflon in some amounts.

There has been the research of 50 years to determine that the use of Teflon cookware is safe or not and it has been declared many at times that it is safe to use Teflon cookware, instead, it will reduce your oil intake as the amount of oil used for cooking reduces in this cookware.


Non-Sticky Cookware has a small life?

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a soft material which used to peel off easily if scratched by any hard material which definitely was a week point for PTFE cookware.


Now, in the year 2019, the process by which PTFE/Teflon cookware is made is quite advanced and various reinforcing agents are utilized while preparing this cookware which not only lasts long but many companies now give a lifetime guarantee on their non-stick cookware which may not be 100% true but still, it means the average life of 10 years.

Does PFOA exist in all kind of Non-Sticky cookware?

This myth is totally incorrect and the fact is totally opposite, most of the non-stick cookware is Perfluorooctanoic Acid-Free and when this cookware is cured at extremely high temperature there are no chances that PFOA can even survive.


So, there are no chances of PFOA to exist in your non-stick cookware.

Scratched Non-Sticky cookware is of no use!

A small scratch in your non-stick pan may spoil the look of your product but initially, it doesn’t impact the use of utensils, also the bottom surface of a non-stick pan is made by the more inert process and unless that surface gets effected nothing can happen to your the awesome dish prepared in your non-stick cookware.


Storing of food in Non-Sticky cookware is not good?

There is no such thing that exists in the world, people have been storing their food in these pans and there never been a case where storing of food in non-stick cookware has caused any kind of the issue to anyone.


Yes, the only thing that can be of the concern is that you might not have a refrigerator in your home which is next to impossible these days.

So you can easily store your food in pans and put them in the refrigerator and eat it on time!


All non-stick pans are black in colour?

It’s not at all necessary for non-stick cookware to be black in color there are reasons for keeping the surface as black, the element used to prepare the non-stick pans are mostly organic and no heavy metals are allowed which promotes its black colour


One more reason to use a dark color surface are staining from different food products and using a dark color surface helps to easily observe these stains and cleaning of these pans become easier.

All Non-sticky pans are of the same quality?

I don’t think that many people will believe this myth as we already see a cost difference between pans offered by different companies.


Why is it so?

The reason is quite clear the better the quality of non-stick pans will be the more will be the brand loyalty and trust in these brands.


The material used in creating this cookware must be from a trusted source and should be of good quality so that the user of this non-sticky cookware doesn’t have to worry about.

Non-Sticky pans of lightweight are of good quality?

In case of weight it works differently as to what we think, the heavier the pan or any other non-stick cookware will be the better are the chances of that pan to fall in quality cookware list.


The weight increase as the coating quality on the product increases and hence the heavier cookware will deliver more as compared to some lighter non-sticky cookware.

Heating Non-Sticky cookware for too long can damage it?

Come on no one should be trusting this myth, I mean how can heat effect cookware which is supposed to be heated.


Let me make it clear that heating of the pan will never ever affect your pan.

Using of Metal Utensils will have no effect on Non-Sticky pan

You can’t do that using metal utensils or an abrasive scrubber will definitely reduce the life of your cookware.


It is must be clear till now that non-sticky pan has a coating of Teflon/PTFE hence using metal utensils and the abrasive scrubber will affect the cookware.

I would advice to not use these kinds of metals utensils, I mean why would you need to do that, so try using kitchen items made of wood.


I hope almost all major myths are covered in this blog even if, I have missed any you all are welcome to mention them in the comments section.

Now, I guess most of you people are now aware of what to buy and whatnot.

So just get ready for your shopping.

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