Moving To A New Place – Top 30 Essentials to Buy WhenMoving to A New Place

It doesn’t matter whether you are a bachelor or family person, changing rooms maybe your
choice or maybe the requirement of the time.
During my early life, we have travelled a lot and have been to different cities the reason being
that my father belongs to army background and hence regular transfer was a routine.
Also, I went to Kota the education city as we all know, for preparing for my dreams.
Moving to Banglore for further studies then to Jaipur, Gurgaon and Delhi for the job, so moving
to a new place is somewhat a routine for me.
The biggest problem I faced during these days was to carry my items from one place to
another or purchase the necessary items when I reach to my new residence, room or
Hence keeping a list of the most important essentials is something that I was use-to from my
So, I decided to bring you the ultimate move-in checklist.
With this comprehensive list in hand, you’ll be sure to have everything you need for your
move in a room or apartment.
Whether it is kitchen appliances or bathroom accessories or any household items this post
will help you out to filter the basic household items needed while moving to a new place.
Get ready, because we’re going shopping!

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1. First thing first you need to do is to clean the room before anything!
Cleaning the apartment, the room is the first thing that we all do, but you are new to this
place and don’t know about the market yet also you can’t carry all of the cleaning material
with yourself while travelling.
Essential cleaning items:
• Mop
• Broom
• Brushes
• Buckets & Bowls
• Sweeping Cloths & Wipes
• Scrubs & Sponges
• Cleaning Sets
Now you may look to buy them online but no shopping site can bring your product in an hour
or two!!!!
Now, what are you left with…you need someone whom you can call to bring all of your
cleaning stuff while you are on your way.
I prefer someone who will be available 24*7 to supply my cleaning stuff to my home in just a
few hours.
Basaranywhere is a site I got to know about when I was doing some research on Quora.
Basaranywhere provides all range of cleaning products to you directly at your doorstep that to
in just a couple of hours.
2. Essential Bathroom accessories for a soothing shower!
The second most important space is the restroom or your bathroom, you need to get freshen
up as you are tired due to that long exhaustive journey all that packing and unpacking,
cleaning has made you tired.
So basaranywhere won’t make you go shopping outside and hence will bring you all the
essentials to you directly at your home so before you are done cleaning your house, your
the bathroom is ready and you can take a warm shower in it.
The essential bathroom accessories:
• Bucket, Mugs Plastic Stool
• Towels
• Shower Curtain
• Soap Holder
• Bathroom Trays
• Cloth Hangers
• Toilet paper
• Toilet cleaner and toilet cleaning brush
3. Get Ready to Cook, As We Know You Are Hungry
Most of us are drained of your energy till this all work is done and will go for some restaurant
or order food online which is the first option to our mind as we don’t have all the essentials to
prepare food.
But what if someone provides you with the main kitchen appliances and kitchen items packed with
your cleaning and bathroom accessories,
Now you can easily prepare your first dish at your home and relax without worrying for
unhygienic food of any restaurant.
Main Kitchen Appliances/Kitchen items are:
• Frying Pans &Sauce Pans
• Pressure Cookers
• Cookware Sets
• Jars & Microwave Container
• Induction
• Knife Sets
4. Now is the time for Sleep!
After all of the activities done, you must be tired and need a sound sleep to be fresh the next
day and start arranging your things in your new place.
We want to make sure you do get a night of sound sleep but for that, you must have the
following items.
Main Bedroom Essentials:
• Comfy Mattress & Pillows
• Cloth hangers
• Blankets
• Bed Sheets and Pillow Covers
• Curtains & Rods for Bed Room Windows
I have tried sharing all the main essentials you need when you are moving to a new apartment
or house so now moving to a new place is more fun and easier.
Now I would like to know about your experience of moving to a new place!
Also, remember to share this article with those who need this.
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